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SWOT Analysis- How to write one.

In everyday life on December 23, 2009 at 11:07 pm

Hey everyone.

A SWOT Analysis is one of the basics of marketing. A quick summary if a company’s current position. It

stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunity’s, and threats.

Ex. New York Times

Strengths: Prestigious, brand recognition, many sections. Magazine, delivery, archives.
Weaknesses: Lack of portability, confusing, too intellectual, expensive, rising costs

Opportunity: Internet improves, distribute to far areas, and strategize advertisements, American English speakers. Translations.
Threats: NY Post, Daily News, Free newspapers, Internet, TV, radio coverage.

Here’s one for VixBlast, my company.

Strengths: The Internet, branding name, low overhead, communication, experience, affordable, it works, fast efficient
Weaknesses: small office, new, competition, complex, a lot of work,
Opportunity: Internet, outsource, grow, hire.
Threats: Competition, SyMall, Image, Sef-Events.

Marketing Strategies:

What’s your target marketing? What are points of differences between your companies? How do we position the product?

Thats all for now,