SWOT Analysis- How to write one.

In everyday life on December 23, 2009 at 11:07 pm

Hey everyone.

A SWOT Analysis is one of the basics of marketing. A quick summary if a company’s current position. It

stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunity’s, and threats.

Ex. New York Times

Strengths: Prestigious, brand recognition, many sections. Magazine, delivery, archives.
Weaknesses: Lack of portability, confusing, too intellectual, expensive, rising costs

Opportunity: Internet improves, distribute to far areas, and strategize advertisements, American English speakers. Translations.
Threats: NY Post, Daily News, Free newspapers, Internet, TV, radio coverage.

Here’s one for VixBlast, my company.

Strengths: The Internet, branding name, low overhead, communication, experience, affordable, it works, fast efficient
Weaknesses: small office, new, competition, complex, a lot of work,
Opportunity: Internet, outsource, grow, hire.
Threats: Competition, SyMall, Image, Sef-Events.

Marketing Strategies:

What’s your target marketing? What are points of differences between your companies? How do we position the product?

Thats all for now,


  1. I like the example with the using the times and your company, but how would someone create one with a start-up company? How can we be sure that what we put down is correct? Who can we go to, to discuss are SWOT with? Keep up the good work, from the Team over at WatchDoit.com

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting. I will respond to your question in a new post.

  3. affiliate marketing…

    I like the angle you took….

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